We are back

Earlier this year, the tools4movies website was compromised. No personal information was stored on the website, however, we found various links and images with references to x-rated websites, and while they were not directly tied to the articles on the website, it was obvious that nothing on the site could be trusted anymore, so we flipped the switch on the website.


Without knowing how far and deep things were compromised, we took the website down, changed passwords and started on getting things back up and running.

Initially we worked with a recent backup, but with the amount of data we had to work through to make sure it wasn't compromised proved too time-consuming, so the decision was made to start from scratch.

Personal life:

Unfortunately, while dealing with the website, my wife's health issues started to kick into overdrive, resulting in a few hospital stays of several weeks. She is doing much better, but the way her health is resulted in me taking over the majority of her responsibilities. I now take care of the housekeeping and appointment needs of her parents, and have taken over a large part of taking care of my stepson's children, whom are living with us. With the website down, I also had to find other means of income and I now work part-time for a local computer store in order to be able to make bills.


My extra responsibilities are unfortunately keeping me from doing much on application development. For these last couple of months, I tried to find some sort of rhythm for development, but I'd consider myself lucky if I only get half an hour of actual work in an 8 hour period. Development itself is complicated enough, but if you are working on something and are interrupted on a regular basis, it is very time-consuming to get back to where you left off at.

Rather than trying to fight that, we removed availability for some of our most time-consuming applications, which allows us to focus on providing the best possible support for our customers instead.


My wife's health issues are unfortunately consistent, and while we are constantly adapting whenever things change, it is always uncertain what and when things will go downhill again. My in-laws will continue to require my personal assistance for just about everything from housekeeping to taking them to their appointments, unless it gets to a point of moving them to a nursing home. My stepson's children still require a lot of time and attention as well, and will continue to do so for at least a couple of more years.