Video Converter GT

Batch converter for AVI, MKV, Video-CD, DVD ISO, DVD Folder. Tool to make movies playable on just about any device on the market.

Video Converter GT features powerful features such as batch conversion, black border removal, audio and video equalizer, Volume Maximizer and TimeSaver. Of course Video Converter GT comes with our fast, personalized email support.


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Video Converter GT Features:

  • Convert video files for playback on devices.

Video files come in many different formats and file types. While many of these files can be played on devices such as smartphones and streaming boxes, unless they are specifically optimized for playback on those devices, you might encounter playback issues such as buffering or stuttering.

Video Converter GT converts almost all video formats to video files that are optimized for playback on devices so you don't run into any playback issues or have to fiddle with additional apps and settings to enjoy your videos.

  • Black border removal.

Video Converter GT can make all your videos play full-screen on your device (or TV) .

  • Volume Maximizer.

Video files from different sources often have different audio volume levels. Using a standard conversion tool, this often results in very soft volume levels when a video is played on a device. Sometimes raising the volume in your video player app can help, but if you forget to turn it back, your next video might play a bit louder than expected.

Video Converter GT boosts the volume of ALL your files to the same, louder, volume so you don't run into a too soft-too loud playback scenario. All your videos will have the same volume so you can enjoy your videos without having to fiddle with sound settings.

  • TimeSaver.

Specifically created for people with a tight time schedule. TimeSaver lets you enjoy your movie in less time. This unique feature speeds up playback slightly so the entire video will take less time to watch. As an added bonus, the frame rate is increased as well, resulting in a smoother video playback experience.

  • Audio Equalizer.

Often found for audio devices, Video Converter GT includes an audio equalizer to enable you to enhance your video playback. Boost the bass a little for deeper explosions, or adjust the high notes to work better with the speakers of your smartphone.

  • Video Equalizer.

Adjust brightness and contrast to make your videos look great, even on the screen of a washed out low-end tablet, tweak the colors a bit to provide a more dramatic look, the video equalizer feature in Video Converter GT can really make your movies pop.

Note: Video Converter GT does not convert copy-protected content.

Video Converter GT Step By Step:

1. Start Tools4Movies Video Converter GT:


2. Select the device you want to watch your movies on at the top:


3. Tap the file-button button at the top left to browse, or open Explorer and drag & drop to add your video files to Video Converter GT.


4. Tap the start-button button to start the conversion process. Video Converter GT will ask you where to put the video files, and then will convert your videos to the format best-suited for your selected device. This will take a while.


After the process is complete, it will open the folder you selected for storing the video files, and then all you have to do is transfer them over to your device.



for a limited time only $9.95

Video Converter GT FAQ:


Video Converter GT Settings Explained

Details on the various settings and features of Video Converter GT:

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