Video Converter GT

Watch your personal movies and video files anywhere.

Video Converter GT converts your videos to the proper format for playback on tablets, smartphones and other video-capable devices.


In particular mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are extremely picky in what types of video files they will play, and while it is possible to install a video player app with support for additional file formats, the movie watching experience is often quite disappointing. Stuttering video, audio out of sync, device getting hot and even as far as spontaneous crashes and random reboots.

With Video Converter GT, you can optimize videos from a variety of different formats (AVI, MKV etc) so that they will play on any video player on your device (even the build-in one) without playback issues and crashes.

Note: Video Converter does not convert DVDs and other copy-protected content.

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Video Converter Free

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Video Converter Free is a full featured video conversion tool, capable of doing most of what similar applications do, without any limitations. You can also enable GT Trial Mode, which enables the additional GT features to play with. Note: In GT Trial mode, Video Converter Free only converts 25% of each video, in normal mode, Video Converter Free doesn’t have this restriction, and can be used indefinitely.

Video Converter GT


for a limited time only $9.95


  • Convert video from one format to another format, optimized for high quality, problem-free device playback.
  • Remove black borders from video, making full use of the screen of the device you use for watching your videos.
  • Boost / Normalize audio volume (aka Volume Maximizer) of your video files so all your videos have the same volume, eliminating the need of fiddling with volume on your device between videos.
  • Convert using a variety of different quality options and adjustments, giving you full control over quality and file-size of your videos.
  • Audio equalizer settings, which will become part of the actual video file, enabling you to adjust the audio range even if your device doesn’t have those options.
  • Video equalizer settings, enabling you to brighten/darken your video file to ensure a more clear or more immersive video playback experience on your device.
  • TimeSaver, our unique video modifier that will reduce the playlength of a video by speeding it up slightly, which results in a smoother playback and a more intense watching experience.
  • Support for 1000’s of different smartphones, tablets and other devices.


Here is how easy it works:

1. Start Video Converter GT or Free using the icon on your desktop.

2. Select the device you want to watch your movies on at the top, for example Amazon Kindle Fire.


3. Tap the file-button button at the top left to browse, or open Windows Explorer and drag & drop to add your video files to Video Converter. You can add one, or add multiple.


4. Tap the start-button button to start the conversion process. Video Converter will ask you where to put the video files, and then will convert your videos to the format best-suited for your selected device. This can take a while.converter-free-05

5. After the process is complete, it will open the folder you selected for storing the video files, and then all you have to do is transfer them over to your device.



for a limited time only $9.95

Note: Video Converter GT does not convert DVDs and other copy-protected content.