Update MoviePlayerApp Cover Image Search No Results

An update for MoviePlayerApp (aka MovieGallery) was just sent to the Amazon Appstore for their review process.

If you have been using the app for quite some time, you are likely aware that Amazon's review process, at least when it comes to MoviePlayerApp, is quite picky,  so who knows how long of a back-and-forth game it will be this time.

The last time, it took 3 weeks of back and forth without any grounds. One of their big issues was the use of sample trailers, but looking at their app store, I can see countless crappy image-puzzle games based on big-name movies and games.

But I jumped through hoops, and found opensource movies and included their license information on each screenshot.

Since the MoviePlayerApp update only fixes the cover-image issue, I don't see any reason why it will be a big battle this time, but who knows.

Anyway, the update is submitted, and as soon as it is approved, I'll update on Nook Apps as well. B&N is a lot nicer to work with when it comes to apps, but rather than having 2 different versions, I'd like to keep them both the same.

On a side-note, I apologize for the people who purchased through the Nabi Appstore, but I don't think the update will be posted anytime soon.

Fuhu decided to screw the developers by selling out AND filing for bankruptcy: http://www.fuhu.com/restructuring

It basically allows them to sell their company with everything they have, and leave everything running, without having to pay the developers whom's content they are selling.

While sales through the Nabi Appstore have been minimal, they haven't paid a single dime to me through the entire last year, and it took them 9(!) months to approve the previous update I submitted to them.

Unfortunately, their "developer interface" doesn't give me the option to disable the app, and all contact I directed their way has been ignored.