Under Construction

Tools4Movies is back, but unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done.

We have done our best to get as much content on the site as possible, but of course there is plenty left to add.

Basic guides for the available apps are there, but we haven't had the time yet to provide detailed guides or troubleshooting information for some of the apps to cover the various settings and options.

Using the available apps themselves is quite simple though. For MKVShrink, MP4 Streaming Server and Video Converter, it is just a matter of drag&drop video files, and a single tap on the button on the bottom right to have it do its job. For MoviePlayerApp, we do have the majority of functionality in guides already.

To make newly added information easy to find, we made the website so that the information that relates to a specific app will be displayed on the product page of the app, so there is no need to search through lots of unrelated information to find what you need.


We are doing what we can to add as much information as possible, but it will take some time.