Tools4Movies Newsletter 2, 02-02-2018

Still trying to get back on the horse with writing newsletters.

Before I start, I’d like to thank everyone for their support regarding last week’s newsletter. I had reservations on writing it, but with all the responses, I am glad I did.

Lets get started.

Over the weekend, I wrote an article on how to watch videos on a SmartTV (link).

As many of you know, I used to watch all my videos on tablets, but now, I have the TV. I still use my old Kindle Fire HD7 when I want to stretch my legs a bit, but the majority of my shows I watch on the TV now.

With the recent life-changes, I ended up dropping cable a few months ago, and am currently only using Netflix and my own personal movie collection.

As most of you know, cable has been a massive annoyance to me for many years. Paying $100+ a month for “basic” cable, with more channels I don’t watch than that I do, 20+ minutes of advertising in each hour of show, and including advertising for the cable company I actually used for service. Then, when major events happen, the show you are watching gets interrupted, and when the announcement is over, a bit more advertising right after. Then it continues to the normal schedule, and more often than not, the next scheduled advertising block kicks in 5 minutes later.

Watching free content on the web, this sort of behavior is understandable, but even when watching free content on the web, you do not get that many commercials.

With Tivo, the commercials on cable were easily skipped, but with 2 Tivo’s in the house, that added another $30/mo.

So now, with cable dropped, and after almost 15 years of service, my Tivo subscription now canceled as well, bills are a bit more manageable.

I do miss some of my shows, and am still contemplating on a replacement.

A variety of different services have popped up in recent years. SlingTV, YouTube TV, HBO Go, PS Vue etc.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages, price, the channels they offer, local or not etc. I am leaning (with a PS4 attached to the TV here) towards Playstation Vue, but am still weighing the price vs what I will actually use of  the service. And with my new job starting this coming week, is it worth it for me.

Netflix has a lot, and mostly I rewatch shows I have watched before. I am not really adventurous when it comes to watching shows. I guess I’m stuck in the past, as most of the new content doesn’t interest me. I just prefer the basic, braindead stuff. Combine that with the videos and movies I already have at home, I have quite a bit to watch.

The TV article from a few days ago was the result of a fluke. My PC showed up in the Sources list, and I was bored and selected it to see what it would do. I knew when we got the TV that it was capable of doing all this, but it wasn’t a feature we were looking for at the time. We just needed a nice TV for my wife to watch her shows on, and this one had the best picture when we were shopping at the store.

When I selected the PC part on the TV, it showed the videos I had in my video folder on the PC. It was loaded with test files, and after adding a few TV show episodes, of a show I was watching on my Kindle Fire HD, it started playing them just fine. Before, I was using an HDMI cable to hook the tablet to the TV, but this was easier. The TV itself does have some wireless issues. It works for the most part, but every couple of episodes, it loses the connection. I ended up just filling up a USB stick, and play the videos from that, and it works great.


It a bit short, but with my new job starting next week, I have a few things to get done these next few days, so that is it for this week’s newsletter. I have been working a bit on a VR video article, but it is a bit tricky to get video created in that format, so that might be a few weeks before I get that done.

Have a great weekend,