Tools4Movies MKVShrink Update

MKVShrink has just been updated to v1.11.22.15.

To download, just use the download link in your original order confirmation, or if you are using the free version, just use the download link on the product page.

MKVShrink Release Notes


The update is a minor update, released to address a bug regarding subtitles.

Unlike Video Converter Free and Video Converter GT, MKVShrink doesn't perform a burn-in of subtitles, but makes them available as an additional "stream" in the created video file. This provides the ability for players that support them to allow you to enable/disable subtitles at will, but because of the amount of different subtitle formats, only a select few players (Kodi/XBMC and VLC mainly) can handle them.

With this update, a few compatibility issues regarding the inclusion of subtitles in video files have been addressed, which should make the video files work with more video players.

With version for both MKVShrink Free and MKVShrink GT, newer subtitle format are now processed differently, which should result in more reliable conversions.

Note: Please understand that no actual conversion is performed on the subtitles.

Picture-based subtitles such as VOBSUB will remain in picture-based format, they will not be converted to text-based formats such as SRT.

Note: Enabling subtitles that are of a format not supported by the selected file-format, such as from High Definition media converting to the "picky" mp4 format can result in failed conversions. Selecting MKV (a format that doesn't care about anything when it comes to video/audio and subtitle formats) as the file-format will work just fine, and if you are using MKVShrink to shrink MKV files, things will work just fine.


For MKVShrink Free users, just use the download links on the website to replace your current installation with the new update. For MKVShrink GT users, click on the link you received upon purchase to have it download the latest version for you. In both cases, make sure your existing install of the application isn't open/running on your computer.

A computer restart isn't needed for the install, but if you are experiencing complications, it can't hurt.