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Solution: Switch to a real virus scanner.

All the release files on this website are scanned using 56 different virus scanners, and we make sure that it passes.

Unfortunately, when testing the current release of Video Converter and Video Converter GT, one of the 56 scan engines used decided to detect a 4 year old virus.

The stupid thing is, the company has 2 different products, and one of them has this false positive detection, but their other product (same company!) has not.

I've had issues with Norton's Reputation System with every single update (probably now again, since I just uploaded an update, meaning the "reputation" is reset), and even ended up on McAfee's bad website list because of a false positive.

For big-name developers (Microsoft for example), these antivirus companies usually fix issues within a day (especially when they break the actual operating system), but for small developers, its like they hold us for ransom or something.

I can't afford to pay to be placed on their whitelist, and I don't have enough time to contact them and spent weeks of bickering back and forth to get it fixed.

So, if you are getting a message from your security software, I would suggest to make use of the $50+ a year you pay them and contact their support and ask why it is being blocked.

There is no malware or any bad stuff in my apps.

For a nice write-up by another small developer, have a look here: