MoviePlayerApp : Sample Video

Sample video, background and cover image for MoviePlayerApp:

To get you up and running quickly with MoviePlayerApp, the easiest way is to simply download and extract this zip file:

and copy the contents to your device:


1. download the zip file (link) to your computer.

2. open the zip file by double-clicking on it:


You should see 3 files, 2 images and a video file.

3. connect your device, and copy these 3 files over to it.

The file location (memory/memorycard) or folder doesn’t make much of a difference, since MoviePlayerApp scans almost all locations, but if you have a “Videos” or “Movies” folder, it makes sense to place them there.

4. After copying the files over, restart MoviePlayerApp, or tap on the “refresh” button,


and MoviePlayerApp should find and display the sample:


If you look at the 3 files in the zip file again,


We have an MP4 file that is the actual video. In this case a sample movie trailer.

Then we have a jpg image file with the same name as the actual video. This is the cover image that MoviePlayerApp uses for the video.

Lastly, we have a jpg image file with the same name of the video but with _bg behind it. This is the background image MoviePlayerApp uses for when the video is selected.