NOOKtablet first impressions

Last night I watched a few Top Gear episodes through Netflix on the NOOKtablet, but after 1 1/2 episode, I switched to the Kindle Fire and continued on that instead.

The screen on the NOOKtablet is really nice. If you compare it to the Kindle Fire, you can tell the difference. The Kindle Fire looks a bit washed out in terms of colors. Also the quality of video playback through Netflix was a bit better on the NOOKtablet for some reason.



the audio on the NOOKtablet is bad. the AUDIO PLUG on the NOOKtablet is bad.


At nights when I watch my shows, I use Bose QC1.5 headphones. The active noise canceling puts me into my own little world, and the audio quality is great. When I was watching my show on the NOOKtablet, the audio through them sounded off. At first I thought it was something with the plug, maybe it didn’t seat properly or something, but it was. I then thought maybe I left it on the night before, and the battery was bad, but that wasn’t it either. It sounded like the audio was only 1 channel, so I took one side and then the other off my ears, but both had audio.

I picked up my Kindle Fire, and plugged the headset in, and started the same episode through Netflix on that. I managed to get both devices running the same episode at about 1 second difference and switched the headphones from one to another, and while the screen quality of the NOOKtablet was noticably better (with both devices right next to eachother) the audio on the Kindle Fire was a lot better.


The headphone port on the NOOKtablet is not of the best quality.

I played with some music and other video files today, and noticed the audio was quite a bit better that last night, so I switched back to the Kindle Fire, and it sounded about the same. With the music running, I switched back to the NOOKtablet, and bad audio again. With a few times re-inserting the plug, the audio was OK again.

Thinking it was the cord for my headphones, I tried a few different devices to see if I could replicate it, but that worked fine. But, I do have a spare cord for my headset, so I tried that, and the same issue. AFter some fiddling, I did get the audio out of it as it should.