MP4 Streaming Server

Tools4Movies MP4 Streaming Server is a free video file streaming application created to play video files located on a computer on a smartphone or tablet device.

While most smartphones and tablets are perfectly capable of playing video files at very high quality, many devices are either limited by the amount of available storage space your device has, or even worse, it has a limit of not being able to handle files larger than 2GB. With such restrictions, it gets tricky when dealing with high quality video files.

With our free MP4 Streaming Server application, you can keep your video collection (mp4) on your computer and stream them so that you can  enjoy your entire collection on your phone or tablet. That way, the storage space on your device can be used for other things such as games, pictures and of course music.


Here is how it works:

Download and install MP4 Server on your computer using one of the buttons below.

free download-exe

After download, install MP4 Streaming Server, and start it using the shortcut on your desktop.

MP4 Streaming Server 1.5

Add your MP4 formatted video files (make sure that they are compatible with your device. If you are unsure, convert them using an app like Video Converter)

MP4 Streaming Server 1.5 files to stream

Now with your content added in MP4 Streaming Server, simply click on the globe icon at the bottom right to start the server.

globe mp4 streaming server

which will automatically display the server connection link on the side.

mp4 server connection link

This link is how you can access the movies from just about any device with a web browser that can play MP4 files, such as Windows Phone, Windows RT, Apple iPhone, Blackberry etc.

mp4 streaming server web browser

From the web browser, use the easy to use interface to find the video you want to watch, and tap on it to stream it.

free download-exe