MP4 Streaming Server : Quick guide

Step by step guide for MP4 Streaming Server:


1. Download and install MP4 Server on your computer using one of the buttons below. free download-exe

2. After download, install MP4 Streaming Server, and start it using the shortcut on your desktop.

MP4 Streaming Server 1.5

If you store your MP4 movies in a common location on your computer, such as your Documents or Videos folder, MP4 Streaming Server will offer to scan those locations for you, and add MP4 files it finds,

MP4 Streaming Server 1.5 autoscan

but you can of course add your videos manually as well.

MP4 Streaming Server 1.5 files to stream

(make sure that they are compatible with your device. If you are unsure, convert them using an app like our Video Converter.)

Now with your content added in MP4 Streaming Server, simply click on the globe icon at the bottom right to start the server.

globe mp4 streaming server

which will automatically display the server connection link on the side.

mp4 server connection link

This link is how you can access the movies from just about any device with a web browser that can play MP4 files, such as Windows Phone, Windows RT, Apple iPhone, Blackberry etc.

mp4 streaming server web browser

From the web browser, use the easy to use interface to find the video you want to watch, and tap on it to stream it.

 free download-exe