FREE media server for MP4 video files.

Keep your MP4 video collection on your computer and save free space on your smart device by streaming them when you want to watch them:

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Maybe not so big of a deal anymore with devices shipping mostly with 32GB of available memory, but when we created MP4 Streaming Server, smart devices only shipped with 4-8GB, and as I am sure you can imagine, that doesn't leave much space for videos.


Of course with our other applications we took that into account, working endless hours on optimizing video compression settings to get as much quality in as small as a file as possible, but even then, the limited amount of memory of our mobile devices didn't  give us enough playroom.

More often than not, we wanted to watch something we didn't have yet copied to our device, so we came up with MP4 Streaming Server. MP4 Streaming Server is a small app that runs on your computer and provides web-access to the files you add to it. Then, simply visit the website created by MP4 Streaming Server on your smart-device (must be connected to the same network, such as your wifi at home), and all the videos you have in MP4 Streaming Server are available for watching.


No special app is required, just use the web browser already on your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus, Kindle Fire or any other device.

For more information, visit the MP4 Streaming Server guide, located here (link), or start using the app for yourself by clicking one of the download buttons below.

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You can find a collection of frequently asked questions here (link), which should help getting you up and running. If you need additional assistance, please have a look at our support options.