Tools4Movies MoviePlayerApp is a video player application with cover image browse functionality for Samsung Tab, Kindle Fire, Fire TV and other Android devices. Watch your personal movie collection in style, assign cover images, organize in folders, or just as a quick way to access all your personal movies in a single app without having to search. MoviePlayerApp can stream movies from our free MP4 Streaming Server too.

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When you purchase your movies and TV shows through App stores such as Google Play, NOOK Video and Amazon Apps, your purchased content is displayed with cover images.

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but for your own personal videos, only thumbnails are displayed.

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While these thumbnails work well for your own family recordings, if you use your device for watching your own movies and TV shows, this is rather limited. The thumbnails are generated randomly, and with no way of customizing them to include even something as basic as a title, it often results in trial and error to find the video you want to watch. Especially with TV shows, where the thumbnail for episodes of the same season is taken from the intro, leaving you with a gallery filled with the same thumbnails.

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This is why we created MoviePlayerApp.

MoviePlayerApp is an app that runs on your Android tablet and/or smart phone, and provides you with an easy way to access all the movies you have on your device, and lets you assign cover images for each of your videos.

Here is how it works:

After starting the MoviePlayerApp app on your tablet and/or smart phone, it scans your device for supported videos. It looks for them on internal memory, as well as (if supported) a memorycard you might have for your movies.

After the scanning is complete (it shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds), MoviePlayerApp displays them in an easy to use way, organized by name, rather than date.


Without any cover images, MoviePlayerApp generates thumbnails for your videos, but unlike the standard media player, it displays the name of the video on top of the thumbnail so you can see which is which. You can use the build-in cover-image search feature to assign a cover image to each of them, or manually include a cover image to use for MoviePlayerApp to display for your movies.

mg_cover image

Recently added, you can even customize MoviePlayerApp by adding background images to your videos,

mg_background image

If you store your movies/TV shows in folders, such as keeping your own movies seperate from more child-friendly ones, or to keep TV shows organized by show and/or season, MoviePlayerApp will enable you to quickly switch to which every one you want, even with special folder images.


Note: The cover-images can be set using the build-in cover-search feature, however, for the background and folder images, you will need to include the files with your movies.

mg_video player

MoviePlayerApp Video Player

Aside from making it easy to find your videos, a simple tap on the image of the movie you want to watch has MoviePlayerApp open up its powerful, easy to use video player component.

Unique features such as time-skip, tap to pause/resume and even zoom to remove black borders, make your video watching experience a lot more enjoyable. It even remembers where you left off for each of your videos, so even when you switch to show your friends/colleagues baby’s first steps at work, you can continue your movie without having to find your spot.


Child friendly

MoviePlayerApp offers a multi-tude of child-friendly options. You can turn off features such as the cover-search and prevent access to features such as folder selection with a password, effectively locking MoviePlayerApp to only display videos from one folder only, keeping your own movies seperate and inaccessible form your child’s movies.

mp4 streaming server

Streaming Video

MoviePlayerApp integrates perfectly with MP4 Streaming Server, a free Windows-based solution to stream movies from your computer directly to your tablet or smart phone without the need to copy them over. Even cover images and background images can be used to display in MoviePlayerApp when browsing the videos on your computer.

 amazon apps

For a limited time, only $1.49

MoviePlayerApp comes with email support for the application.

Note: Please do not use the review-system of the Amazon Appstore for your questions, because there is no way for us to answer them there.