$2 android video player app with cover image browse functionality.

Assign cover images, organize in folders, an quick way to access your videos in a single app:

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MoviePlayerApp is an app that runs on your Android tablet and/or smart phone, and provides you with an easy way to access all the movies you have on your device, and lets you assign cover images for each of your videos.

Display cover images for your movies.

MoviePlayerApp enables you to use cover images to browse your movies and TV episodes.

Display custom background images.

MoviePlayerApp lets you set a background for each of of your videos.

Browse all or individual folders.

MoviePlayerApp scans for all your videos and displays them all or just the ones in a particular folder.

Flat view mode

A 20 feet style view mode to browse your videos.

3D view mode

A familiar 3D flow-style way of browsing your videos.

List view mode

A fast list-style view mode enabling you to quickly find what you are looking for.

Child friendly

Block features or set a password to prevent your child from accessing your own favorite movies.

Powerful video player

Fully featured video player with skip and zoom options.

Remembers your position

MoviePlayerApp remembers where you left off, even if you switched to watch something else.

For more information, visit the MoviePlayerApp guide, located here (link), or start using the app for yourself by clicking the button below.

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