Movie Player App 2.9.1 currently in Amazon Verification Process

Earlier this week, I uploaded Movie Player App 2.9.1 to Amazon.

This post is to notify that an update to Movie Player App (aka MovieGallery) is ready and is currently being reviewed by Amazon's testing department.

The update addresses issues with the build-in cover image search, and it also addresses the issue of not finding movies on devices running Android 5 or higher.

While it doesn't look like it when you look at some of the apps they have in their App Store, Amazon has a testing process that an app has to pass before it is activated.

It doesn't appear that the testers use some fixed set of guidelines, so getting an app or an update of an app on Amazon approved is a bit of a whack-a-mole game.

The submission from this week came back this morning, and they tripped over Movie Player App having a link in the settings that takes you directly to the FAQ on this website. Understandable I guess, since they tested the app for the Fire TV, which doesn't have a web browser, but this link has been in there since the very first release of Movie Player App (MovieGallery) over 5 years ago (yup, it has been that long).

So today, since Movie Player App (combined with our free MP4 Streaming Server) is one of the more popular ways of watching your own videos on the Fire TV, I removed the FAQ link from the settings, and resubmitted the app.

I've been through whack-a-mole with Amazon on a regular basis. At first, I appreciated it, since it forced me to look for alternative ways of doing things within the app to make it better, but now its basically just about getting lucky enough to get a tester that isn't so picky. Last year, there was a complaint over the sample trailers. Copyrighted content, used without permission. Rather than fighting over it, I replaced them with fully opensource videos. But that wasn't enough, since I needed to provide the usage licenses with them as well.

At the time, there were a gazillion apps using copyrighted content, but those were fine. Even a top app such as Plex at this very moment in Amazon's App store is loaded with images of copyrighted content (The Walking Dead, Marvels Avengers, Archer and Justified to name a few).

So, the app has been submitted and is currently being tested. I hope the wack-a-mole game isn't going to continue as it did in the past.