MKVShrink GT – Shrink your MKV File Size

Shrink your MKV file size with MKVShrink.

MKVShrink uses various adjustments and compression features to reduce the file size of your MKV files considerably.

mkvshrink large mkv file

mkvshrink smaller mkv file

The MKV video file format is very diverse, making it one of the best backup options for video content found on physical formats such as DVD and Bluray. While these backups are often identical in video and audio quality as the original source, the file-size of MKV files is often quite large, reducing the amount of files you can fit on a storage medium such as a harddrive or a memory card/stick. MKVShrink enables you to make your MKV files smaller in file size, and, if needed, optimize them for compatibility with devices and applications.

Note: MKVShrink does not convert copy-protected content.

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MKVShrink Free

mkvshrink free download

MKVShrink Free is a fully featured MKV file compression tool, capable of reducing the file size of MKV files without any limitations. MKVShrink GT adds additional features such as variable bitrate/CRF and black border removal.

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  • Compress video and audio portions of MKV file using variety of different encoding options to reduce file size.
  • Transparent Batch Mode. One file or 100’s, everything runs in batch mode automatically.
  • Convert video and audio portions of MKV file to different formats for compatibility with device and/or application playback/streaming.
  • Remove black borders from file to enhance video playback by making videos play full-screen.
  • Keep/remove additional audio streams from MKV file.
  • Use different settings for different audio streams.

Here is how easy it works:

1. Start the program using the shortcut on your desktop.

mkvshrink start application

2. Tap the Settings button at the top right,

mkvshrink settings button

to select the “Default Settings”:

mkvshrink settings screenshot

The settings located here are applied as default settings for the video content you add to MKVShrink, and are remembered when you restart the application for future use.

For your convenience, a few common presets are available to choose from at the top, and some of the different options such as default video/audio format and quality preferences.

MKV Shrink GT has specific device presets (1000+) covering anything from Apple, Android, Samsung and more, and offers additional features you can use to adjust quality and file size.

3. Add your video content to the program:

mkvshrink original file

You can drag & drop supported (unprotected mkv, m2ts, mts, avi, mp4 and m4v) video files and folders with video files onto the application window, and it will sort through what it can handle, or you can use the top-left content buttons instead.

mkvshrink unprotcted bluray scan buttonmkvshrink unprotcted file selection button

4. After adding your video content, the program will perform a short scan to determine its video, audio and subtitle contents and provide access to the different settings for the individual items.

mkvshrink added file view

From here, you can either make some individual tweaks, such as increasing the quality settings for a favorite video, or simply press the start-button
to start.

mkvshrink running shrink process

After the process is completed, it will open the video folder where it stored the created video.

mkvshrink shrunk file size



mkvshrink buy now

for a limited time only $9.95

Note: MKVShrink does not convert copy-protected content.