Advanced File Compressor for MKV Files. Tool to make MKV files take up less space.

Features batch processing, black border removal, multi audio, 1000+ device compatibility presets and of course our fast, personalized email support:

MKVShrink GT

Advanced File Compressor for MKV Files. Tool to make MKV files take up less space.

MKVShrink GT includes powerful features such as batch processing, black border removal, multi audio support and includes 1000+ device compatibility presets. Of course MKVShrink GT comes with our fast, personalized email support.


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MKVShrink GT Features:

* Reduce file-size of MKV video files.

Many MKV creation tools perform a full duplication process on video and audio content from disc-based media, resulting in a extremely large video file.
MKVShrink GT was created to modify the video and audio portions of these MKV files to make them smaller.

It does this by offering different quality adjustment options such as the ability to transcode the video and audio using different codecs, adjustable bitrate/quality adjustments and pixel-count change by means of lowering the resolution and/or black border removal.

* Transcode/convert/shrink video/audio from non-protected Bluray discs by means of mpls track detection or "disc.inf" playlist files located on the disc.

* Transcode/convert/shrink non-protected m2ts, mts, avi, mp4 and m4v video files.

* Drag & Drop Batch-mode conversions. Just drag your files and/or folders over onto MKVShrink GT, and it process them all as a batch.

* Automatic black border removal (not available in trial version).

* Multi-core support. The faster your computer, the faster MKVShrink will work.

* Multiple video compression modes, including fixed quality (CRF) and fixed bitrate (Kbps).

* Keeps chapter/scene markings if found in original MKV file.

* Multi-audio track support, including the ability to use different settings for different streams (Multi-channel surround for the main audio track, and a lower quality stereo format for the commentary for example)

* Adjustable "Default Settings" (with a selection of commonly used presets), with the ability to customize settings for individual files (use a different resolution for one particular file for example)

* 1000+ device compatibility compression presets. For use with streaming systems such as our free MP4 Streaming Server, Plex, Kodi or for direct playback on almost any Apple or Android device.

Note: MKVShrink does not convert copy-protected content.

MKVShrink GT Step By Step:

1. Start MKVShrink GT:

2. Find one (or more) of your MKV files,

original mkv file

and drag it over to MKV Shrink:


3. Select your video and on the side change the settings to your needs/liking.

These settings are "individual". What you adjust here is used for the selected file only. If you want to make the changes to multiple MKV files, click the settings button at the top right.

Tip: Set the desired settings in MKVShrink GT before you add any MKV files, since the "default" settings  will be applied for all the files you add. After you add the files, if there are any minor adjustments you would like to make to certain files (maybe a few at a better quality for example) you only have to change the settings on those.


4. When done, tap the start-button button to start the conversion process. MKVShrink GT will ask you where to put the video files, and then will start the process to shrink your MKV file(s). Depending on the changes needed, the amount and the type of  MKV files (original audio/video format, video resolution etc) as well as the speed of your computer it can take a while.


When MKVShrink GT is done, it will open the folder you selected for storing the video file(s).

smaller mkv file



for a limited time only $9.95