FREE video compression and format conversion application to make MKV video files smaller.

Compress large MKV video files using different video resolution, video/audio format and quality settings:

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We created MKVShrink as a companion app for people who use the popular MakeMKV application for their videos. MakeMKV is a powerful tool, but the one thing missing from its extensive features is the ability to compress video rather than just copying the video and audio streams.

MKVShrink fills this gap. It takes your large MKV files, and it enables you to compress your MKV file to something a lot more manageable.

Without noticeable quality loss, it is possible to cut down the file size of your MKVs by more than half.

original mkv file

smaller mkv file

For more information, visit the MKVShrink guide, located here (link), or start using the app for yourself by clicking one of the download buttons below.

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You can find a collection of frequently asked questions here (link), which should help getting you up and running. If you need additional assistance, please upgrade to MKVSHRINK GT, or have a look at our support options.

Note: MKVShrink does not convert copy-protected content.