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Video Converter Free

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Video Converter Free is a full featured video conversion tool, capable of doing most of what similar applications do, without any limitations. You can also enable GT Trial Mode, which enables the additional GT features to play with. Note: In GT Trial mode, Video Converter Free only converts 25% of each video, in normal mode, Video Converter Free doesn’t have this restriction, and can be used indefinitely.

Video Converter GT


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Video Converter GT adds additional features to Video Converter Free. It offers faster conversion speeds (multi-processor), black bar removal (make movies full-screen), volume maximizer (boost volume for all your conversions), better quality (HQXT), video equalizer (adjust color intensity), audio equalizer (better voice/explosions) and much more.


In normal mode, Video Converter Free will convert your videos to the proper format for your device without any fuss, but by enabling the checkmark, you get instant access  to all of what Converter GT has to offer, with one exception, in GT Trial mode, it will only convert 1/4th of each video.