$9.95 upgrade for Video Converter Free.

Adds features such as black bar removal, volume maximizer and of course fast, personalized email support:


for a limited time only $9.95

Video Converter GT


Video playback on smart devices such as an iPad or Samsung Tablet is a bit finicky. The build-in video player app works well for video playback but it only supports a limited amount of video and audio formats, and the majority of video files will not play or not play properly.

While there are video players such as VLC in the appstore that offer playback support for additional video files, some work better than others, and even then, not all videos play properly.

Video Converter GT is a video application that converts all your videos to a format that is supported properly by your device. Video files will play using the build-in video player, and will benefit from device-features like battery-saving and hardware decoding.


Video Converter GT is super-easy to use. Just select your device (iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook etc) at the top. Drag your video file (or multiple) onto the app, and start the process.


Video Converter GT includes powerful features such as black bar removal (make movies full-screen), volume maximizer (boost volume for all your conversions), better quality (HQXT), video equalizer (adjust color intensity), audio equalizer (better voice/explosions).


for a limited time only $9.95

Note: Video Converter GT does not convert DVDs and other copy-protected content.