Video Converter GT



for a limited time only $9.95

Here is how easy it works:

1. Start Tools4Movies Video Converter GT:




2. Select the device you want to watch your movies on at the top:




3. Tap the file-button button at the top left to browse, or open Explorer and drag & drop to add your video files to Video Converter GT.




4. Tap the start-button button to start the conversion process. Video Converter GT will ask you where to put the video files, and then will convert your videos to the format best-suited for your selected device. This will take a while.




After the process is complete, it will open the folder you selected for storing the video files, and then all you have to do is transfer them over to your device.





for a limited time only $9.95


Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions, which should help getting you up and running. If you need additional assistance, please have a look here.


Note: Video Converter GT does not convert DVDs and other copy-protected content.




Video Converter GT features explained:

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How To Transfer Video to Apple iPad iPhone

This guide shows how to transfer personal videos to your Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Apple iPod Touch. It describes file-transfer, cover image, grouping and chapter selection step by step with screenshots.

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Reset Video Converter GT

How to reset Video Converter GT to its default settings:

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cat eyesVideo Converter GT 3.4 Released

We just updated Video Converter GT to version 3.4.

NEW: DVD ISO and DVD Folder conversion capability added. If you have DVD-type content stored on your computer, those can now easily be converted with Video Converter GT to over 1000's of devices. more info...