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Tue, October 21, 2014: Tiny Thief

Tue, October 21, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Tiny Thief! Application Description: Join Tiny Thief on a big adventure! In a world of greed, corruption and injustice, one little guy decides to stand up for the little guy! Say hello to Tiny Thief, an unconventional hero who uses cunning and […]

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Mon, October 20, 2014: Fitz: Match 3 Puzzle Full

Mon, October 20, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Fitz: Match 3 Puzzle Full! Application Description: Get a lot of match 3 excitement with incredibly fascinating puzzle Fitz! Though this Match 3 puzzle is easy to learn, the game is quite challenging. Click and swap similar items across the playfield to […]

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Sun, October 19, 2014: Qais Quest

Sun, October 19, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Qais Quest! Application Description: How far would you go to reach back home? Play as Qais the Knight as you fight, dive, fly and slay your enemy across 30 levels of stunning environment and gameplay. Have full control over your hero, explore […]

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Fri, October 17, 2014: Jack & the Creepy Castle

Fri, October 17, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Jack & the Creepy Castle! Application Description: The raging ravens sent Jack to the heck! Will you help Scarecrow Jack to escape the creepy castle and take revenge on the sneaky ravens? This cool, creepy Jump?n?Jump game will make you jump higher, […]

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Free Fridays: Ivy & Bean + Common Thread + Cristela

By Amanda Cecil FREE FRIDAY BOOK October 17, 2014: Today’s Free Fridays book selection is is MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF MONKEYS – an Ivy + Bean Digital Activity Kit exclusive to NOOK! Overview Know a young Ivy + Bean superfan? Download this free Ivy + Bean eBook and keep your favorite little reader […]


New Apple Devices Announced

Earlier today, Apple held its yearly Media event, and announced a new line-up for its non-iPhone devices. First off, it announced the next version of its OSX desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite. Some new features, including better integration with iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. The Apple Air 2 and Apple Mini 3 are upgrades of last […]

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Thu, October 16, 2014: Just Colors

Thu, October 16, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Just Colors! Application Description: A game of colorful alchemy. ? Very simple mechanics with complex ramifications that will have you planning many moves in advance. ? We take minimalism so seriously, that we just about removed the interface altogether. It’s just you […]


New Google Devices Announced

Earlier today, Google announced a couple of new devices. Nexus 6 Smartphone: Display 5.96” 1440×2560 display (493 ppi), Battery 3220 mAh Camera 13MP rear-facing with optical image stabilization 2MP front-facing Processor CPU: Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 805 – Quad Core 2.7 GHz GPU Adreno 420, Memory 32 GB, 64 GB     Google Player: 1.8GHz Quad Core, Intel® Atom™ 802.11ac 2×2 (MIMO) HDMI out […]


MovieGallery 2.5 update now live.

Well, not so much “MovieGallery” anymore, but aside from the new icon, I also opted for a name-change. Despite the product description clearly stating that there are no movies included, that it is a video player app with cover image functionality, many people left reviews complaining that it doesn’t have movies or that it only […]

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Wed, October 15, 2014: Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1

Wed, October 15, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Mystery Castle HD – Episode 1! Application Description: The Fortress Underground The award-winning Mystery Castle series has arrived on the Amazon Store! Join Monty the wizard on his first adventure, as he explores a fortress deep inside a mountain, that is under […]

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Tue, October 14, 2014: Quick TimeTable Pro

Tue, October 14, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Quick TimeTable Pro! Application Description: Simple and intuitive daily school lesson manager. Create your own colourful and simple view of your lessons. Freely manage your lessons for any school day. You can easily define and reuse your lesson’s set. Quick TimeTable is […]


Amazon Submission Process Continued

Success ! After a long week of trying to submit an update to Amazon for our Android video player, finally today, it was approved. In case you missed it, yesterday, I documented my battle in a post here (link). After Attempt 5 failed, I filed a “contact us”, and included the “case id” in the […]

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Mon, October 13, 2014: Montezuma Puzzle 2 Premium

Mon, October 13, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Montezuma Puzzle 2 Premium! Application Description: New version of this successful puzzler! Montezuma Puzzle is a relaxing and logical tiling Puzzle game in the Ancient Aztec Empire scenery. Arrange the puzzle shapes in the right patterns. Sounds simple? Try out! Thanks to […]

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Are you kidding me ? Amazon Apps Submission Process

I don’t remember when, but I recall writing about app submission processes in a past newsletter. At the time, while being annoyed with the testers of curated app stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I did accept their findings, which I believe resulted in a better quality app. With Google Play, it is basically […]

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Sun, October 12, 2014: Unolingo: Crosswords Without Clues

Sun, October 12, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Unolingo: Crosswords Without Clues! Application Description: How quickly can you solve a Unolingo puzzle? If you like crosswords, Sudoku, or word games like Scrabble, you’ll love Unolingo. This word puzzle is fun for the daily commuter, the casual puzzler, or the serious […]

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Sat, October 11, 2014: Spheroid Cyclone

Sat, October 11, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Spheroid Cyclone! Application Description: Dash down the endless tunnel and avoid obstacles in this wicked awesome psychedelic adventure. From:: Free App Of The Day

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10/10 BONUS Free Fridays eBook: DC Comics on TV

By Amanda Cecil BONUS FREE FRIDAY BOOK October 10, 2014: Comic Con kicks off in NYC this weekend! To celebrate, today’s BONUS Free Fridays book selection is DC COMICS ON TV: FALL 2014. Overview Prepare yourself for the upcoming DC Comics 2014 Fall TV schedule with these essential reads featuring preview pages from GREEN ARROW: […]

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Fri, October 10, 2014: 9 Elefants

Fri, October 10, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: 9 Elefants! Application Description: A quest crammed with puzzles in the heart of Paris Professor Weismann has disappeared. After arriving in Paris to present his latest invention, the Time Camera, at the Universal Science Congress, Professor Weissmann disappears without a trace. His […]