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Sat, September 20, 2014: Speed Reading Trainer Full

Sat, September 20, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Speed Reading Trainer Full! Application Description: Ivy Standard presents the full version of Speed Reading Tutor! More books and stores have been added to this version of the app, and there are no ads. The full version is also updated more frequently. […]

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Free Fridays: Chasing Darkness + Rome Hidden Objects + Modern Family

By Amanda Cecil FREE FRIDAY BOOK September 19, 2014: Today’s Free Fridays book selection is CHASING DARKNESS – a taut psychological thriller by Danielle Girard. Overview The most dangerous place to hide is in the dark… A tough special-agent with the Department of Justice, and a dedicated single mother to her orphaned nephews, Samantha Chase […]

MovieGallery no longer in Google Play

I regret to inform the users of MovieGallery that the app will no longer be listed in Google Play. Google decided to implement a new policy where developers are required to include a physical address, which will be publicly accessible for anyone.   I can understand the address part for Google’s internal use, but as […]

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Thu, September 18, 2014: Elements War

Thu, September 18, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Elements War! Application Description: The “Elements War” is an addictive chain reaction game with stunning effects such as fire, electricity, storm and so on. It has Infinite different levels. Try to familiarize with each power source and various aid-items to win over […]

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Wed, September 17, 2014: Toy Defense 2

Wed, September 17, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Toy Defense 2! Application Description: The outcome of the war is in your hands! Toy Defense 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the multi-million-download hit Toy Defense! Set in WW2, this action/strategy game is packed with more levels, amazing new features, a […]

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Tue, September 16, 2014: Polar Bowler 1st Frame

Tue, September 16, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Polar Bowler 1st Frame! Application Description: A Polar Bear in an inner tube? Wait, he’s BOWLING in the inner tube and there’s a penguin with a towel? PB has always loved Polar Bowling. When he was a kid, his dad built him […]

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Mon, September 15, 2014: Alarm Clock Xtreme

Mon, September 15, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Alarm Clock Xtreme! Application Description: Packed full of advanced options Wake Up Have you ever shrugged off your alarm clock, turning it off only to fall back asleep? Wake up gently and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme. This […]


Can’t make connection with

There is currently an issue for some users with the build-in update functionality of Video Catalyst. We are doing our best to get this resolved as soon as possible. The original link you received upon purchase is not affected, so if you still have that, you can use that to download the latest version.   […]

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Sat, September 13, 2014: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Sat, September 13, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake! Application Description: Warning: This game is crammed full of monsters, cake, amazing powers, puzzly bits, epic adventure, witty repartee, secret paths, unlockable characters, silly hats and a wiener dog. Use caution if you are allergic to fun […]

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Fri, September 12, 2014: R-Type

Fri, September 12, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: R-Type! Application Description: CLASSIC ARCADE SHOOTER R-TYPE IS BACK! Let’s go back in the 80’s with this classic old-school shoot’em up! One of the biggest arcade game will make you travel back in the day. Be ready to have fun with this […]

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Thu, September 11, 2014: Real Steel HD

Thu, September 11, 2014: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Real Steel HD! Application Description: Champions aren’t born. They’re made!! A Smash Hit with over 10 Million Downloads. Based on the Dreamworks movie, starring Hugh Jackman, the gritty action of Real Steel takes place in a secret world where boxing has gone […]


New Apple Stuff Today

Hard to miss, but if you haven’t spent much time with the media today, Apple had its yearly key-note. Big announcements this year for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and of course the new Apple Watch, but I found it rather disappointing. Sure, when you watch the key-note live, its hard not […]