Movies on the go, quick and easy with DVD Catalyst

DVD Catalyst converts your movies and TV shows to small, great-looking video files that are perfectly optimized to play on devices such as the Apple iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, Barnes & Noble NOOK HDSamsung Galaxy S5Galaxy Note Pro and much more.

DVD Catalyst

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(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 only)

(Currently no MAC version available)

Watch your personal movie and TV show collection on almost any device. DVD Catalyst converts your videos from various sources and formats into perfectly optimized video files for your tablet and/or smartphone with a single click.

While there are plenty of conversion tools available on the web, both paid and free, most of them require you to have a computer degree before you are able to use it. Multiple steps, multiple menus to go through, all quite tedious and complicated. We created DVD Catalyst to simplify all this.

DVD Catalyst includes 1000's of easily selectable device profiles, with new ones added on a regular basis, enabling you to just select the device (Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, VTech InnoTab etc) you want to watch your movies on, and with a single click, DVD Catalyst will convert your videos using the best settings for it.

Aside from the basic functionality found in other conversion tools, DVD Catalyst offers a wealth of additional features not found anywhere else. Batch conversions are a simple drag & drop, enabling you to convert 1 or 1000's of video files with the same single click. With the smaller screens on tablets and smartphones, borders around your videos drastically reduce the playback experience when you watch a movie on the go, so DVD Catalyst automatically removes black borders from your videos, making sure you enjoy your movies on the smaller screen to the fullest. Due to the limited speakers on portable devices, audio volume is often an issue when watching a movie, so DVD Catalyst automatically boosts the volume of all your conversions, enhancing the video playback experience even more.

DVD Catalyst Features

Convert personal DVD

Watch personal DVD, DVD ISO, DVD Folder on your tablet/smartphone.

1000’s of devices

DVD Catalyst works with all Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows tablets and smartphones.

Easy to use

Everything is automated, so all you need to do is select your device and you get the best results.

Convert video files

Make AVI ISO MKV VOB and more playable on your tablet/smartphone.

Volume Boost

Our Volume Maximizer ensures perfect loudness for all your movies.

Bells & Wistles

More options to play with than you could wish for, if you want to.

Batch-convert folders

Drag & drop video files and folders, and convert them with a single click.

Remove Black Bars

Enjoy full-screen video playback for all your movies automatically.


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How it works:

Download and install DVD Catalyst on your computer.

Step 1: Start DVD Catalyst and select your video player device profile.

DVD Catalyst includes profiles for all popular devices, including the latest Apple, Amazon and Samsung phones and tablets.

Step 2: Insert your DVD or add your video's to DVD Catalyst.

DVD Catalyst 4 can convert DVDs as well as all popular video formats, including AVI, MKV, ISO, VOB, MPG and MP4.

Step 3: Tap Go to start the conversion process.

DVD Catalyst will convert the content you added so you can play it on the device you selected. It runs the conversion automatically in "batch" mode, so you can convert one or 100 movies with a single click. During the conversion process, DVD Catalyst will perform other tasks such as black-bar removal and even boosts the volume to ensure you get the best experience possible when watching your movies.

After the conversion is complete, simply connect the device with its usb cable to your computer and copy the file over.

Once completed, just open the video player app that is already on your device to watch your movie.

Purchase DVD Catalyst

Download Free Trial Version


Purchase through PayPal


Purchase through ClickBank


(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 only)

(Currently no MAC version available)

Works with Android devices

DVD Catalyst enables you to put your movies on all Android smartphones, tablets, including Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, NOOK, Kindle, Nabi and more.

Android Device Guide:

Works with Apple devices

DVD Catalyst enables you to put your movies on all Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch models, including the latest iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and iPhone 6.

Apple Device Guide:

Works with Much More

Aside from all Apple and Android tablets and smartphones, DVD Catalyst works with just about everything else capable of playing video files.

More Device Guides:

Important note: copy-protected videos, such as movies purchased/rented through Apple iTunes and Amazon Instant, or so-called “Digital Copies” you get for free with some DVDs and Blurays (“Digital Copy Included”), can not be converted. Video files that do not include DRM such as AVI, DIVX MKV, MPEG etc can be converted normally with DVD Catalyst.