your videos, your device, your own terms.


Welcome to Tools4Movies.com. Below you will find the tools you need to put your own movies and video files on your smartphone, tablet or other video playback device.

  • Video Converter GT is the most versatile app, and enables you to convert your videos quick and easy to 1000+ different devices using a simple drag & drop and single-click interface.
  • MKVShrink GT offers some similar functionality, its main purpose is to make MKV files smaller without noticeable quality loss.
  • MoviePlayerApp for Android is our unique cover-image based video browser/player that enables you to turn your smartphone, tablet or Amazon FireTV into a Netflix style video player for your own videos.
  • MP4 Streaming Server is our free streaming solution that enables you to play MP4 videos from your computer onto your smartphone, tablet,  and even stream videos to FireTV.